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This is a remedy that has been passed down to me from my Behike ancestors. Not only do we get to the root of the matter to treat things mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually; we till and tend the very ground, the earth, the issue is rooted in. This prevents those same traumas, pains, and ills from reforming in the ancestral plane, your present life, or in your future. Behike healing targets everything; your inner child, shadow self,  your aspects of Divine polarity,  your present Self, and your past lives. This ritual will address all the ways whatever you are feeling/addressing are or have been presenting. 

Behike healing is about treating your center, in physical, spiritual, and ethereal context. I'm excited to bring this to you as it is sure to bless you immensely. Every time we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors, and clear roads for our descendants. When we engage ourselves with a truer, more divine vibration, we allow the collective to move in a truer more divine vibration in return. 

Multidimensional Intergenerational Healing Ritual Guide