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Karaya Ka Ne -
Karaya. Kati. (Grand)Mother Moon. ‘Uela Luna. Known by many names, our moon has watched us grow individually and collectively guiding us with her energy, allowing our bodies to cycle alongside her in our own unique ways. It can be easy to find yourself bouncing between one extreme or another, easier to identify with things observable on the surface. Aguètte Karaya reminds us life is fuller than that. So much lies in the in between. She is a shining example of allowing ourselves to be whole, whether we are full or laid bare. If you are someone who always looks to dig deeper, connect deeper, it may serve you well to follow Karaya intimately. Get to know her, and yourself, in all phases.

This guide, through a series of reflections, grounding mantras, herbal and crystal correspondences, brings us into deeper harmony with Karaya’s influence within us. 

Karaya Ka Ne Lunar Connectivity Guide


  • This is a 19 page ebook which contains:
    🌑 an energetic breakdown of all 8 lunar phases
    🌒 calendars for each phase including the zodiac sign they fall under
    🌓 highlighted super moons and eclipses
    🌔 herbal correspo