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Spring Altar Wreaths

One of my favorite things to do is create tools for spiritual connectivity. When I fashion these tools, the purpose is always to enhance and/or amplify attunements that already exist between all your states of being and the universe around you.

These altar wreaths are a direct result of as 365 day covenant with Mother Earth during which I attuned myself to her rhythms and cycles and committed myself to not only sharing what I learned, but to empowering others to connect more deeply as well.

They debuted Winter 2020 and we continue our way through her seasons.

These adornments, much like those bestowed upon one's physical body will crown your sacred space with the energy of the season as we endeavor to embody and reflect the majesty of Atabey's rhythm.

The Spring Wreath features flora partners that bloom and thrive through the Spring season and beyond and are representative of the characteristics we most seek to embody during this phase of our cycling with the Earth. Please reference the info graphics for more.

Wreaths may be pre-ordered via the shop (link in bio) between 3/20 and 4/10. They are to be one-of-a-kind, handmade, and consecrated in an Ostara ritual on 4/14.

If you are building upon you seasons collection with the Spring Wreath, there is a gratitude discount for you to enjoy that will be sent to you soon. If you don’t receive it by 3/25 please reach out to me with a photo of your wreath ♥️🌀

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