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May Energetic Alignment

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The May forecast card was Hi’Aka. Hi’Aka translates to She Who Lifts Darkness and brings a message of joyful fortitude. The true test to one’s faith and spiritual development comes in times of hardship. It is easier to maintain balance and alignment in times of radiant Sun and light, but what of times of strife and shadow?

When you find yourself returning to habits and behaviors of your old selves how able are you to catch yourself and regain a sense of balance? (extended forecast notes here: )

This month’s alignment is a cellular reminder of how to do just that through each of the elements separately and together.

I honed in on the energy of the following phenomena as cues for latent and/or burgeoning capabilities.

FIRE - Aries New Moon

Occurring on 5/11/2021, a 3 day brings the resonance of RHYTHM. The Moon will be at 27 degrees of Aries, a 9 highlighting the importance of Greater Cycles, the culminating essence of repetitive rhythm.

27 degrees of Aries is connected to the Pleiades star system and the influence of Green Tara.

This aspect directs our attention to habits of delay and procrastination as coping mechanisms meant to pacify us. It is important to recognize that these practices do not improve us or our situations.

In alignment, we welcome the multidimensionality of fire that we may both consume fear and insecurity whether it needs a rushing wildfire razing the forest to the ground, or the gentle warmth of a tealight candle to assuage. We rest and our hearts in the radiance of the Sun. We energize our endeavors as a flow of lava powerful, at times destructive, and life giving once settled.

This component empowers us to dig deep into our “act accordingly” bag.

EARTH - Eb Trecena

From Eb we receive the courage to admit a need for growth and understanding combatting lack consciousness and self-limitation.

This is the flow of shifting sands over time, the clearing of sand castles which leaves a blank state behind.

This is the flow of dead foliage degrading to become fuel for future growth and development.

AIR - Gemini Waxing Crescent Moon

The transit of a waxing crescent moon through Gemini reminds me of the chrysalis stage of growth where at a cellular level we dig in and cultivate the space in which our development will take place.

The Moon in this phase begins at 25 degrees of Gemini. This positioning is ideal for tapping out subtle bodies for directives and heightened awareness, the ability to focus on our divine essence.

This is the flow of blustery gusts of wind that swirl things around and out of the way. This is the flow of deep cleansing breaths.

WATER - Laguz, Scorpio Full Moon

Laguz brings Archangel Uriel to mind and heart. Laguz helps us to identify more intimately with authentic purpose and expression.

This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 14 degrees of Scorpio; a 5 resonance emphasizing one’s center. An aspect that brings Archangel Michael’s protective influence to heart. From this transit we demand integrity from ourselves as we grow in power and influence. From Mama Luna in Scorpio we develop our ability to see and experience initiation and ascension with honest, clarity, and humility.

The key concept here is enlightened Self-awareness through metacognition. Metacognition is the awareness of one’s own thought process and innerstanding of the patterns behind them.

This is the flow of all tributaries ultimately feeding into the ocean, the road that all lead to home. The relative steadying of all water regardless of vessel or “body”. The medicine of faith in surrender to the current.

SPIRIT - Chicchan, Ingwaz, Akbal, Othala

From Ingwaz we employ lessons of flexible accountability. The energy of self-imposed discipline that does not threaten or punish and instead assesses, adjusts, clarifies, and celebrates. Ingwaz brings the ebb component that balances flow. It is the energetic space where readjustment occurs allowing for acute presence in all our seasons.

From Othala we are reminded once more of greater cycles as we clear the way and increase receptivity for the inherited wisdom of our ancestors to be shared in greater clarity through more intimate communion. I called on an extra boost here for step-by-step, layered clearing of trauma and disharmony from any lineage ready to push forward.

We find ourselves presently in Chicchan Trecena, a time of heightened bodily awareness.

Chicchan brings the flow of balanced and integrated life force energy, the rise and fall of Kundalini; the junction of the ascending and descending paths.

Last, but never least; through Akbal we embark on journeys within the multidimensional aspects of Self through the portal of our dreams. To align us here I releases resistance to the dreamspace and increased the chance of lucidity WITHOUT the programmed desire to control/micromanage everything.

This is the flow of transformative lucid dreams.


All things flow

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