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MARCH 2022 Collective Anchoring

10 The Water Wheel// 73 Al-Awwal, Sacred Surprise

Important Dates/Transits: 3/25 Third Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Key Takeaways: Jupiter Tings (Sagittarius, Pisces), Consequential rewards

10 The Water Wheel- The Lord of the Forces of Life

Last calendar year the guiding theme was Nourishment of the Soul. We prepared both vessels and our spirits for deeper embodiment through the lens of meeting our needs and deserves and acclimating to proper cleansing and maintenance. For many of us it meant monthly energetic alignment (resuming May 2022) along with our targeted reflection and meditation. We also prioritized habits of effective communication.

For many, the end of March via the Vernal Equinox heralds the true resetting of the year, This resonates heavily through the vibration of the number 10, conventionally experiences as a transitory closing, both an ending and a beginning.

The basic interpretation of this card is that this energy signifies the progression into the next level or stage of something, that your current experiences are the results of your actions and behavior. Things are unfolding according to divine alignment and the cyclical nature of living and growing. Remaining fortune-minded and remembering to count your blessings helps to maintain forward momentum. Instead of thinking “one step forward, two steps back”, maybe expand your awareness to two/three steps forward to the one step back. Loss, disappointment, grief, and failure are as natural as gain, pleasure, joy, and success. How they inform your experience is up to you and the way you govern your energy.

What kind of support do you have to help you through the lows of life?

What do you have in place to help you acknowledge and celebrate the highs?

Astrological Aspect: Jupiter

Jupiter is known to many as the planet of expansion. They tell us that what you feed grows and what you protect thrives. Since this message has much to do with consequential rewards I advise we focus on the protective aspect to Jupiter.

As we grow, how are we assuring our gains aren’t in vain that we are not growing in the wrong direction or feeding the wrong things>

If you are someone who aligns themselves to the cycles of the moon, (I highly recommend doing this), you can pay extra attention to the phases in Jupiter ruled signs, Pisces and Sagittarius. This month includes the ¾ moon on the 25th at 19degrees of Sagittarius (interesting to note as the January lunar transit of note was also a ¾ moon on the 25th of the month). According to Isidor Kozminsky 19degrees of Sagittarius “denotes one of philosophical force capable of manifesting from the silent hidden into the outer. Therefore their quality is explained in no ordinary terms. They have much personal force and magnetism which, if exerted for high ends, will become a harbinger for peace on this planet of experience and suffering. It is a symbol of Awakening.”

The season of ritual fasting (Lent beginning on 3/2 followed directly by Ramadan beginning at it’s end on 4/1) begins this month. Fasting is designed to enhance and develop one’s spiritual connectivity and embodiment, merging the inner spiritual world with the outer physical/interpersonal one.

The Sun also enters Pisces this month on the 14th.

Another way to focus is to check your natal chart to see what house it is in. Then focus your expansion and protection efforts there in your Jupiter house. For example, that means I would be focusing on 12th house things; shadow working through transitive endings, things I hold sacred, messages-wisdom that come in dreams or meditation, and past life aspects. (To get a breakdown of how to focus on your Jupiter tings this month book a DEEP DIVE consultation with me).

Kabbalist Aspect: Caph, The 21st Path of Kabbalah - Intelligence of Conciliation

Caph is the 11th letter of the alphabet and carries a numerical value of 20 and is related to divine utterance and commandment, the recipe for divine discipline and alignment. (this is useful information for those who student gematria for more visit: Caph Gematria, Chabad )

Meaning: palm, spoon, crown. These are all symbols of submission in different ways.

Caph brings a reminder to heed the energy in which you act and speak, or withhold action or speech. To ensure you are moving genuinely with good intention considering more than just your own experience/outcome/benefit. Think of the responsibility that falls upon those who are crowned, those blessed with authority. Each one of us was blessed with the breath of life, what do we do with it, what are our motivations, and how do we remain presently accountable for the way we affect the world around us. (For the full chabad break down: Caph )

Pathway 73| Al-Awwal, Sacred Surprise

This pathway guides us in opening to the unexpected, sacred surprise, of Allah. When you hear the phrase “consequential rewards” paired with “intention” you might assume you know what to expect. Never forget that one of the most useful qualities along your journey is surrender. Sometimes divine alignment looks and feels nothing like our well-thought-out plans. Many times it is only in hindsight that we recognize a potential blessing.

Endeavor to be so attuned that you can switch lanes as smoothly and unexpectedly as a branch floating down a river with many streams; flowing all the while.

Rumi has this to say about the wisdom embedded in surprising events: “The Prophet said, “Fools will occupy most of paradise.” Your cleverness is what creates dust storms of pride. Be willing to be fooled and you’ll find real peace.”

Strokes of genius, unexpected inspiration, the failure of well-laid plans, success against all odds, all surprises that should be welcomed by the soul as notable junctions along your path. Be willing to walk paths you are *consciously* unprepared for, the Creator knows more than you or I and it is in their light we endeavor to walk.

ROOTS AND BRANCHES. A traditional translation of this quality is “the first.” The roots of Awwal show a direction of movement, symbolically for A toward L, beginning to end. Appearing in the middle of the word is W, which symbolizes the portal between being and nothingness, and which can be heard as a U (oo). In all the ancient Semetic languages this sound indicates the mysterious power of the divine to convey us from one realm or world to another, or from one type of life to another. Related to this word is the Arabic ta’wil, which means to interpret a sacred text mystically by conveying a meaning from its inner intention that can apply to a situation right now. The Qur’an uses this quality in connection with the next pathway, Akhir, to indicate that Sacred Unity includes both the beginning and end of all imaginable processes.

MEDITATION. Center again in the heart. Call a circle of your inner self and allow the sound Ya AW-Wal to bring spaciousness and possibility to any situation that seems to be at a dead-end, or where you feel painted into a corner by circumstances. Leave space for surprise.

At the time of the new moon, breathe the sound in your heart and consider any project or relationship that you are about to begin. The unexpected can bring freedom.

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