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Looking ahead

Hey lovelies! I wanted to share some photos of the reawakening garden. As you may know, 95% of the herbs used in our products and service offerings are cultivated And harvest by my family right here on the land on which we live.

This year I’m endeavoring to do a better job of familiarizing y’all with the flora we partner with in our workings and that end up in the oils, incense, scrubs, and candles ya love so much.

I will NOT be focusing on

the ever abundant “metaphysical uses of this plant are ____” there are so many other places to find that and those lists contain many things I learned from actually INTERACTING with and making genuine connections to the plants I work with.

I would love for y’all to truly get to know them so when you get your products it’s like tag teaming with an old friend.

Today Just photos but stay tuned!

In order:

Hyacinth, Raspberry, Strawberry, Astragalus, Willow, Peach, and Rue ✨🌀

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