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JUNE 2022 Collective Anchoring

7 of Swords//Pathway 91, Ad-Darr

Important Dates/Transits:

Moon in Aquarius 6/18 Waning Gibbous

Key Takeaways:

Protect ya neck; set layered protections and act like you have some sense

Last month brought us a message of flow and transformation. Many things in and around us were made new. Like many of Atabey’s children, we are in the season where we are blooming more effectively and beginning to bear fruit. Just as flowering plants get staked, vegetable patches get netted, fruiting trees get prunes, and begin to drop excess fruit for efficiency, it is time for us to layer our most integral means of balance and support for our protection.

Protection is a whole system affair and layering is essential. Protect your connection to your Essence Self, your Ancestors, and your faith. Protect your wellness and your standing in your family and all your intimate relationships. Protect your work-life balance and financial stability. Protect the neighborhood and community you wake up in and come home to every night. Protect the ways you move through the world. Protect your peace of mind, your physical wellness, your emotional health, and your energy bodies. Protect yourself routinely, preemptively, and in response to threats of destabilization.

In case you’re feeling some analysis paralysis, here are some examples of what this might look like in PRACTICE (aka some practical magicks):

Protecting your mind means caretaking your mental health and wellness.

  • Improve your morning and bedtime routines so you get enough sleep

  • Clean up your social media accounts (delete, block, unfriend, unfollow, remove followers) to limit exposure to people or topics that distract or unsettle you

  • Give yourself screen-time limits

  • Journal (more)

  • Balance your diet with “brain foods” (fish, avocado, blueberries, nuts, seeds, green tea, eggs, lamb)

  • Go outside and engage the elements

  • Take supplements that are good for brain function (B vitamins, Folic Acid, Omega 3s, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng)

  • See health professionals (holistic AND medical) for comprehensive care when able

Protecting your body requires acting in alignment to optimal physical function and wellness.

  • Exercise in a way that boosts endorphins, increases your stamina, and supports your physical strength

  • Stretch regularly to keep your joints loose

  • Book massages to loosen your muscles

  • Remain hydrated to keep your systems flowing and joints lubricated

  • Reduce inflammation in your body (eat less gluten, dairy; drink more water and eat more pre and probiotics foods)

  • Eat the rainbow and as organic as possible for optimal balance

  • Meditate and practice breathwork; proper oxygenation is as important as proper hydration

  • Align your personal hygiene practices to your lifestyle and the season

  • Hygiene for yourself and your space. Pay attention to when and how this shifts as this is often a sign of compounding anxiety and depression

  • Become aware of how and under what circumstances it is necessary to protect yourself and arm yourself with the skills and tools to do so effectively, train if necessary

  • See health professionals (holistic AND medical) for comprehensive care when able

Spiritual and energetic protection looks like all of the above AND like

  • Routine return to sender work both for those who are detrimental and for whom bring beautiful things

  • Forgiving yourself and others when necessary

  • Apologizing when necessary

  • Shadow integration practices like recognizing ways you can grow, heal, re/unlearn and acting accordingly

  • Divesting from spaces, agreements, relationships, behaviors, etc. that no longer align with who you are or are becoming

  • Spiritual baths and cleansings of your body, space, tools

  • (garlic (peel), black walnut, hyssop, black/sea salt, red string, rosemary are some great partners for this work)

  • Practice forms of divination to keep your awareness sharp

  • Ground through and connect with all the elements, especially to recover from hypervigilence

  • Pray/commune with your spiritual court regularly

  • Petition for your needs to be met without censorship and the discernment to know what things assist and hinder with this happening

  • Set protections around your space, loved ones, and Self

  • Craft regularly against predators, scammers, opps, and wishy washy leaders

  • Any baneful or retaliatory work to nip things in the bud

  • See TRUSTED practitioners for comprehensive care when able (trusted by your spiritual court, PRAY ON IT)

Tools I recommend for these purposes

Joy Alignment Oil or Spiritual Sealant

Archangel Jophiel Divine Beauty and Enlightenment Anointing Oil

Archangel Uriel Fire of God Anointing Oil

Fortitude Alignment Oil