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Join Us Tonight!

Hey lovelies!

The members of the Divine Garden are gathering tonight 2/25 at 7:30pm EST to talk about solidifying one’s cosmology and the benefits of fasting along your spiritual journey.

Our gathering was inspired by this post to Patreon:

I knew the day would come when I’d have to talk to my therapist about religion after mentioning my altar. 🤣🤣
But I’m glad we had that conversation cuz I really was able to articulate what I KNOW and believe, how, and why. In the past this was something I wrestled with a but because I was so concerned about saying it “right” that what was on my heart never felt expressed quite truly.
This was so pivotal and empowering and transformative. My therapist things we “veered away” but ma’am I NEEDED this, this was probably my most impactful session to date!
I can honestly say I KNOW GOD and GOD knows me and I am abundantly blessed and anchored by my refusal to limit the ways I come to know them, and they me.

I’m fired up and I would like to share and create space and opportunity for others to have the same experience .

This is a temporary invitation to the Discord community of the Divine Garden. It’s where we meet for exclusive lessons, rituals, and fellowship tings like movie nights 😊.

Hope to see you later!

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