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JANUARY 2022 Collective Anchoring

2 of Swords// Pathway 52, Al-Wakil

Key Concepts and Practices: Deliberation = Informed Consent

2 of Swords - Lord of Peace Restored

Let the church say "reclaiming my time." I'm sure we've all heard the adage "measure twice, cut once." There are two aspects to this message.

The first, haste makes waste. We've all had experiences where we've had to repeat or revisit something because we acted too soon. We made a decision before receiving all the information available because we thought things were obvious. We had to apologize, backtrack, or play catch up because we jumped to conclusions based on previous experience we thought was relevant. The thing is, balance is intentional and deliberate. If you've ever played an instrument you know dissonant notes add a miraculous razzle-dazzle when placed strategically.

Live life, don't let life live you. Taking a moment to deliberate does not mean you've questioned your instinct against your intuition. In those moments you'll find the solution is in a marriage of the two and opting for one over the other would have been like taking the long route.

It is also helpful this month to consider things from various perspectives. Remember this year balances the sum of ALL parts.

The second aspect of this month's message requires the ability to know when you already know the best course of action without additional deliberation.

Can you tell the difference between false security and true ease? Hubris and genuine confidence?

What does it feel like in your body?

How does it resonate in your soul?

How do your thoughts take form?

How do you recognize and avoid analysis paralysis?

Sometimes you DO form the right conclusion off rip, sometimes your automaticity is warranted. What do you know about when that is?

If you're not sure, heighten your awareness this month when it comes to making decisions and answer those questions as you go. Congrats, you've just received more of yourself this month.

Astrological Aspect: Moon in Libra (January 25th, 3/4 Moon in Libra at 16 degrees)

Remember Mama luna is the master of phases and cycles, while Libra is the archetype of (absolute) truth and justice.

How can you tap these energies to never lose sight of the whole and collective truth of the matter at hand?

Recalibrate using the previous and following reflections every Moon in Libra (especially this month).


*For the Kabbalist aspects I will not interpret, only outline. It is integral you come to a personal understanding given the context at hand as this is YOUR embodiment journey and only you know how you resonate within the realms*

Chokmah- encompassing wisdom; wisdom in all iterations

wisdom- knowledge+the ability and discernment necessary to act on/embody it

Yetzirah- the world of form(ation)

Where things take on form and definition

Where things can be differentiated

The realm of consciousness where the mundane and divine are in communion

Given these definitions, what does "Chokmah in Yetzirah" mean, and how does it fine-tune your understanding of this month's message?

Pathway 52| Al- Wakil, Meeting Challenges

"Take the opportunity to affirm the sacred power within you to meet challenges and obstacles, to bring all circles full." This pathway is the sweet conjunction of divine timing and divine guidance. Divine alignment. When faced with a challenge we cannot sit idly by and wait for a miracle. Miracles meet us on the way. Epiphany, serendipity; sudden clarity and strokes of genius come when we've engaged our minds and our hearts (soul) in a matter. The investment of effort/energy signals we are not just willing, but capable of receiving the blessing of a solution.

As you work within your inner self, this pathway can remind the many voices in you that, while each has its own purposes and needs, all find their needs best fulfilled within an integrated "I Am" -- that is ultimately in the only "I Am". - Sufi Book of Life, Al-Wakil

From the book:

Traditional translations of this quality include "trustee", "guardian", and "disposer of affairs." The roots of Wakil show the whole circle of being, nurtured and tended by Allah. The divine life compresses itself into form (WaK-), then spreads toward its own purpose in individual life and returns to the One (IL). This process goes on continually. Like other names beginning with WA, such as Wahhab (16) and Warith (97), Wakil reminds us that there is always more of this divine quality; it never runs out. The heart of the Holy One holds within itself all circles of being, the completion of every destiny, the solution to all seeming obstacles. The Sufis also use this name in its Persian fork, Vakil, which may derive from that of an ancient, pre-Islamic angel of protection.


Center in your heart space. Breathe Ya Wa-Keel with the inner self and allow your highest guidance to offer a feeling of nurturance to the various voices gathered around Wisdom's table. Rest in a feeling of confidence that the One Being will provide you with the intuitive responses to meet the inner and outer challenges that you face in life.

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