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February 2022 Collective Anchoring

10 of Swords//Pathway 45, Al-Wasi

Key Concepts and Practices: The practice of deliberation (see January) allows for ordered steps and appropriate prioritization.

We also see a continuation of Sword energy allowing us to “get our minds right” as we transition truly into the year ahead. I’ve often referred to January thru March as the “resolution phase”, as in “decide firmly on a course of action.”

How do you resolve to be this year? We have been given a method by Spirit, deliberation + prioritization. It is up to us to direct that energy

(References: Tarot of the Moors, Sufi Book of Life, The Dark Pixie Astrology, Time Nomad, Karaya Kia Ne Lunar Connectivity Guide)

10 of Swords - The Lord of Ruin

Like I said regarding the 9 of Swords, DON’T RUN! “This is a moment of clearing blocks and changing old habits.”

Shadow work/integration is the liberation of Self from both internal and external strife and requires honest Self-inventory. Reflect on who you’ve felt you're meant to be. In what ways have you honored that Self? Celebrate yourself for the level of embodiment you’ve come to thus far.

ONLY AFTER CELEBRATING YOURSELF, engage in the following reflections:

What habits, beliefs, or behaviors get in the way?

What environments derail you?

Is there a way you can adjust while thriving in that environment?

What connections require you to deny or abandon parts of that Self?

Which parts?

Is there a way you can adjust while maintaining the connection?

RESOLVE yourself to remedy these things and step into greater alignment with your True Essence. Prioritize YOU. You are what you repeatedly do, who are you? How can you become more of yourself, who you were meant to be?

“In order for this change to go smoothly as possible, you may be faced with an unpleasant realization about your situation. You’ll have to make an important choice as if your life depended on it.”

As this is swords energy, the use of affirmations, mantras, journaling, and talk or art therapy are great for putting this advice into action.

Astrological Aspect: Sun in Gemini

This is very deliberate but lighthearted energy. Which is a great conceptualization of the way Gemini energy balances “seemingly” opposite aspects. One would think that to deliberate intently on something you must be serious or morose; you need not be tense during the inventories and/or course corrections we are guided to this month. They’re heavy enough on their own. Connect with Gemini energy to bring a. Light breeze to relax you and lighten things up. This aspect is why I prefaced the aforementioned reflections with an exercise of gratitude and celebration of Self.

Gemini energy is also great for getting into the nitty gritty of things. Dig Deep. Acknowledge the forest and the trees. It may help for you to divide your Self reflections as suggested in the 2022 overall forecasting: Self as individual, Self in family/tribe, Self in neighborhood/community, Self in greater collective, as well as, Self in your personal connections, Self in professional roles. Self when you are happy, sad, upset, excited, disappointed, etc.

Kabbalist Aspect: Malkuth in Yetzirah

*For the Kabbalist aspects I will not interpret, only outline. It is integral you come to a personal understanding given the context at hand as this is YOUR embodiment journey and only you know how you resonate within the realms*

Malkuth- the energetic, essence aspect of the material world that includes Earth and the Cosmos

The realm humankind experiences most directly, the kingdom of Earth

The feminine kingdom experience through which divine energy is expressed “tangibly”

The “below” in “as above, so below”

Yetzirah- the world of form(ation)

Where things take on form and definition

Where things can be differentiated

The realm of consciousness where the mundane and divine are in communion

Given these definitions, what does "Malkuth in Yetzirah" mean, and how does it fine-tune your understanding of this month's message?

Pathway 45| AL-WASI, The Heart Has No Limits

**MUCH of this section this month will be quoted directly from the text**

“Bathe in the ocean of Unity, without the need to compare ourselves to anyone.” *If needed, pause here and revisit Pathway 50 Ash-Shahid from the 2022 anchoring message*

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to touch the part of your deepest being that has a limitless capacity to hold and embrace whatever comes into its orbit.”

This pathway is about living up to your heart’s potential. In many modern societies, we spend our lives learning how to DO and very little time and energy (in comparison) is spent learning how to BE. We unfortunately end up performing life instead of living it. “We don’t know how to do without doing, to speak without speaking.” Embodiment ends up being a struggle instead of the natural journey we were meant to have in each incarnation. This is not to say the road to our divine embodiment should be “easy”, but it should not be a CONSTANT struggle against our own programming either. If life calls us to a greater capacity to feel deeply, we have choices: stretch or break.

All those Intergenerational “curses” are the shadows of our broken pieces across lineages and incarnations; our crosses to bear and wounds to heal because we can.

Rumi once said, “Bring to God even your dry, hypocritical, agnostic prayer, since the One Being in its infinite compassion accepts bad currency as well as good. Increase your need so that Allah can give you more.”

God knows we will stumble, falter, even fall. It is only our programmed selves that move to punish for falling short of glory. The divine considers the energy in which we attempted and dedicated ourselves in the first place. Then, our Creator resolves to shore up and fill in gaps in alignment with our best interest.

Even in moments where we bring doubt to our spiritual path, we still have approached and embarked upon the path. Faith is allowed to grow, we don’t all start with mustard seeds and that is okay. Honestly, doubt is what led me to my paths and the Retirement Ritual I’m not partaking in. I literally said to myself in those times, “I doubt life has to feel like this, doubt this is the only/best way to be my best Self,” then I prayed and dedicated myself to communion between myself and the spirits who guide me.

The 20th Century British Sufi Irna Tweedie described how doubt helped her own process of awakening: “The value of doubt is: who or what is doubting? It is always the ego. The little self is a covering on your higher self. The grace of the teacher will activate those doubts in you in order that you should see the light. How does it activate? How can you see the light better through doubts? Doubts are obstacles. To overcome the obstacles you make an effort and you will progress. Sufis say the devil is very useful to you if you overcome him, but woe to you if you don’t. So doubts are extremely helpful. Doubt is power. It is energy you have to overcome. Like an obstacle, you have to jump over it. That’s why my teacher said you have to write down all the doubts — it will help people.”

Presence= BEING, not doing; the ultimate reminder of the divine embrace

I recently stumbled on something I posted in 2015 that is so aligned to this energy:

“How many of us fail because we’re scared of failing? A lot of us are (subconsciously) setting ourselves up for failure because we don’t want to be disappointed if we were to actually do anything wholeheartedly. Some of us are living in the lap of mediocrity because the higher you are, the further you have to fall. But why stay on the ground? Some of us are so secretly amazing that our ONLY limitation is our view.”- M'Press Tarot & Ting

Al- Wasi says to include even your doubts in your journey toward spiritual embodiment. Hold them up to the light as a sacrifice to your growth and development. Love even that which challenges you.

Traditional translations of this quality include “all-comprehending” and “all-embracing”. The roots of Wasi, the letters WAS, show a stream flowing without effort, embracing everything within it, or a container of limitless capacity that can hold all without being full. The secret of this ability lies in the One Being’s emptiness, which complements its fullness in you. The root WA- can indicate a state that is “between,” that transforms a being, for instance, from existence to non-existence. With this name, you have the opportunity to cultivate the sort of spacious capacity that can hold all because it knows that ultimately it holds nothing.

This is an expression of complex stability.


Center in your heart space and breathe, feeling the heart as a container, bound by the sensation of your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breath. Begin to breathe out the sound Ya Waa-, and breathe in the sound -See (with the ee sound going backward into the body). Feel the various sounds resonate and melt any inner restriction. Then allow your being to open and receive its natural capacity from the Source. This breath of the heart is already part of your divine nature.

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