February 2022 Collective Anchoring

10 of Swords//Pathway 45, Al-Wasi

Key Concepts and Practices: The practice of deliberation (see January) allows for ordered steps and appropriate prioritization.

We also see a continuation of Sword energy allowing us to “get our minds right” as we transition truly into the year ahead. I’ve often referred to January thru March as the “resolution phase”, as in “decide firmly on a course of action.”

How do you resolve to be this year? We have been given a method by Spirit, deliberation + prioritization. It is up to us to direct that energy

(References: Tarot of the Moors, Sufi Book of Life, The Dark Pixie Astrology, Time Nomad, Karaya Kia Ne Lunar Connectivity Guide)

10 of Swords - The Lord of Ruin

Like I said regarding the 9 of Swords, DON’T RUN! “This is a moment of clearing blocks and changing old habits.”

Shadow work/integration is the liberation of Self from both internal and external strife and requires honest Self-inventory. Reflect on who you’ve felt you're meant to be. In what ways have you honored that Self? Celebrate yourself for the level of embodiment you’ve come to thus far.

ONLY AFTER CELEBRATING YOURSELF, engage in the following reflections:

What habits, beliefs, or behaviors get in the way?

What environments derail you?

Is there a way you can adjust while thriving in that environment?

What connections require you to deny or abandon parts of that Self?

Which parts?

Is there a way you can adjust while maintaining the connection?

RESOLVE yourself to remedy these things and step into greater alignment with your True Essence. Prioritize YOU. You are what you repeatedly do, who are you? How can you become more of yourself, who you were meant to be?

“In order for this change to go smoothly as possible, you may be faced with an unpleasant realization about your situation. You’ll have to make an important choice as if your life depended on it.”

As this is swords energy, the use of affirmations, mantras, journaling, and talk or art therapy are great for putting this advice into action.

Astrological Aspect: Sun in Gemini

This is very deliberate but lighthearted energy. Which is a great conceptualization of the way Gemini energy balances “seemingly” opposite aspects. One would think that to deliberate intently on something you must be serious or morose; you need not be tense during the inventories and/or course corrections we are guided to this month. They’re heavy enough on their own. Connect with Gemini energy to bring a. Light breeze to relax you and lighten things up. This aspect is why I prefaced the afo