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I am BEYOND excited to announce this Raffle. Ya know how I feel about Mutha Earth!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

All the information for the raffle is below there’s just one catch 😏

Every entry by a member of this here Wix Space will count DOUBLE! 🥳 🎉 Cuz I love and appreciate yall and I hope one of you wins! 🤩

You still have to enter doing all the Instagram things. Here are the directions ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️


✨One Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit with expanding Peat Pellets perfect for Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers! You can fill it up with seeds provided or add some seeds of your choice to round out your new garden!

✨5 packets of Ferry-Morse seeds:

🍃Lemon Balm




🍃Butterfly Bush

All of these plants may be grown in pots OR directly into the soil once ready to leave the greenhouse tray.

‼️Nasturtium is the only plant that won’t grow back on its own if planted outside and it dies for the Winter.


‼️This raffle is for:

🌎anyone looking to try their hand at indoor and/or outdoor gardening from seed to harvest

🌎anyone desiring to give something back to Mama Earth by supporting super important pollinating species like bees, butterflies, birds, etc.

🌎anyone wanting access guaranteed organic and pesticide free herbs, with the added pleasure of cultivating them

🌎anyone serious about their metaphysical workings and wanting to emphasis the PHYSICAL and metaphysical 😉

🌎 and soooooo many more!


🚨 Entries will be accepted from now until 4/22 at 11am 🚨

Enter to Win:

✨”Tickets” are $5 payable to $mpresstarot or PayPal (payment links in bio)

✨3 entries MAX per person

(😉each Wix Spaces member entry counts as TWO allowing for a max of 6‼️)

✨ Tag TWO friends who might also like to deepen their engagements through plant engagement

✨Share ANY of these raffle posts to your stories using the hashtags #mpresstings and #EARTHDAY

😘May the odds be ever in your favor 🎉

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