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Y’all I’m soooooo excited (snatched this from Noela Star Queen so I wouldn’t have to write my own lol shout out to her for being our resident cosmological astrologer (I just made that phrase up but it fits lol))

There is an astrology/history documentary premiering (on the internet) tonight; it’s called “Changing of the Gods” and it’s based on the book Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas. It is ten episodes and they are showing it for free, one episode a night, starting today. The stream starts at 9 pm Eastern but it looks like each episode will be available for 24 hours after.

I am particularly interested in the middle of the series, where they have an episode on the Women’s movements and another on the fight for Black liberation. I am also interested to see the contributions of Luisa Teish (author of Jambalaya), who is listed as part of the cast. <<< I fully agree with Noela on this aspect we have been SO excited lol.

here is a link to “register” to watch too:

You can learn more about the documentary from this episode/transcript of The Astrology Podcast: <highly are="" before="" don="" even="" gems="" get="" if="" in="" it="" listening="" many="" podcast="" recommend="" screening.="" so="" the="" there="" there.="" this="" to="" you="">

And this episode is about the book Cosmos and Psyche:

^^ highly recommend this podcast to as it was the impetus for a lot of the project. I would listen to this one first because it gives a great background on the broader more practical experience of astrology

Have a great day! :)

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