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Badger- For those who seek to embody their truth and walk the divine path toward their goals

I have worked with animals as guides since always. It is a practice deeply embedded in many corners of my ancestry and observed culture. I find them to be just as crucial as herbs regarding spiritual and energetic balance. Whether you are one who creates or works with animal essences, someone familiar with certain animal energies who are able to divine based on their behavior around you, or someone who is able to receive lifelong wisdom according to how animals live, their impact on your journey is sure to be significant.

I have always felt drawn to badgers. They are the guide of the West for me. This direction is associated with finding and acknowledging your personal truth and recognizing the path to your goals. Badger may show up for you in a different direction, or perhaps not at all, BUT in any matter, this is what Badger had to say to me on this matter.

Badgers by nature are aggressive creatures. Even the most fearsome: lions, wolverines, hyenas, tread lightly in their presence. Badger reminds us that aggression is not bad, it just needs to be embodied wisely. Badger medicine lies at the core of things, at the core of people. This is something that rubs some folks entirely the wrong way, but Badgers always fight to the death. When walking your path you must not allow the perceptions or opinions of others to deter you. Your path is YOURS, it is for you to understand. It is for you to accept. Badger medicine is for those who must have the courage to be unconventional to reach their goals.

Your aggression is fuel, not a weapon. It is what allows you to thrive as you are meant to but is useful for defense if absolutely necessary. The good thing about being genuinely aligned and worthy, is you do not have to throw your weight around; you just need to be. You do not, and will not need to strong-arm your way into anything. You do not need to be overly or openly critical of others, you do not need constant comparison in order to stand out...You need only commit wholly and fully to honoring yourself and the path laid before you, unceasingly.

Gossip, harsh judgment, constant anger, and picking at everyone for everything, are all signs of an undignified badger. If/when you find yourself engaging in these things, turn all that aggression into fuel and refocus on your endeavors. Badgers lash out when they feel threatened, so if you're lashing out ask yourself where/how you are feeling insecure? What are you afraid of? What could use more targeted attention? Tear down the barriers and blockages in your path, not the people.

Our society prizes competition and comparison. A badger does not and needs not engage in such distractions.

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