APRIL 2022 Collective Anchoring

First and foremost, apologies for the timing of this post I traveled out of the country at short notice and had limited access to Wix. The April anchoring was published publicly through my Patreon account, I hope you were able to catch it there in a timely fashion.

Princess of Wands// 49 Al-Baith, The Return of What Passes Away

Important Dates/Transits: 4/9 First Quarter Moon in Cancer

4/13 Waxing Gibbous Leo into Virgo

4/15 Sun into Aries

4/15 13IK Oc

Key Takeaways: IK tings, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. Earth of Primal Fire (organic fuel). Ambition. Direct and clear communication. Embodied Intelligence

Happy Astrological New Year!

References: Tarot of the Moors, Karaya Ka Ne: The Moon and Me Lunar Connectivity Guide, The Sufi Book of Life, The Mayan Oracle, Isador Kozminsky’s Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power

Princess of Wands - Empress of Salamanders

First let me talk about these Ik tings. Ik is an archetype of the Mayan Tzolk’in cosmology that represents the integrative properties of the Breath of Life. The aspects that exhale (give) and inhale (receive) the energy of spirit. In this case emphasis is placed on the cocreative aspects of this exchange between BIG, noncorporeal guiding Spirit and our embodied Selves. In Mayan cosmology, as many others, we are the vessel and conduit for Spirit on this plane(t), all living things are in their own capacities. According to The Mayan Oracle, “Ik leaves you free to move on to the next moment without the baggage of desire, regret, or expectation. Ik is the simple intelligence that invisible forces are always moving in your life, guiding and inspiring.” IK embodies the concept of presence, the creator of intimacy where one’s true identity emerges. To dive deeper into the study of this concept I recommend viewing my IGTV video on IK anchoring.

This month’s message has much to do with recognizing, accepting, and honoring shifts in the connections in our lives. Our connection with our work, personal and professional. Our connection with/in our relationships with others: our guides, students, family, friends, and romantic or business partners. I use “with” and not “to” to remind us these relationships are not one sided or entirely Self-directed; they are dynamic with aspects outside of us and our autonomy to navigate.

In honor of this, we are invited to reckon with our fears of confrontation, success, and intimacy. We are invited to explore the connection between the three. This falls in line with 2022’s multilayered understanding of Self.


How are success, confrontation, and intimacy related?

Do you consider confrontation a threat to success and/or intimacy? In what way(s)? Why?

What fears are limiting you right now?

What was the trigger?

In what ways can you honor and conquer these fears?

What have you been avoiding?

What would help you feel ready to face it?

Is “readiness” truly necessary for you to do whatever you’ve been avoiding?

Is readings the issue, or is it willingness?

Working through the first couple reflections, particularly in the moment, is where Earth of Primal Fire energies come in. Think of each impetus as a spark of creation or change. Much like how the fiery collision of matter in space birthed our very planet and galactic family. When I hear “earth of primal fire”, I think of organic fuel, pure passion and cellular inspiration. I also think of emotional reflexes and triggers. All of these are primal, systemic tings. I think this conceptualization is important to have in mind as we transition from the raw, ethereal realm of Pisces and into the fiery realm of Aries with influences of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

As I’m typing up this portion of these notes, it’s the day after “The Slap” and I wouldn’t be the teacher I am if I didn’t recognize the clear teachable moment this is. This is such a great example, I couldn’t have imagined a more dynamic scenario. In case you somehow didn’t know or are coming to this post late and needs refresher, Chis Rock (CR) made a tasteless joke about Jada Pickett-Smith (JPS) during the Oscars and Will Smith (WS) calmly walked on stage and slapped the laughter out of him. Let’s ground ourselves in the context of it all. The context will serve as the example of “Earth”, the organic matter that has formed over time resulting in the state of the central moment of the tings that unfolded.