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2022 At A Glance | C O L L E C T I V E

If you endeavor to walk each month, each day, each moment in embodied prayer and devotion, you are a kindred spirit and this exploration is for you. May we have full-system, expansive experiences this year. Ase. Awei. Anjankatu. Jajom. - M'Press Tarot & Ting

The past few years have been journey, step by step. In 2019 this offering took the form of monthly forecasts so we could prepare ourselves for what lay ahead. In 2020 we broke our divinatory forecasts down even further, bringing in weekly focusing so we could increase our presence day to day. We were able to see how the "now" fit into overall themes both for the year and the month. 2021 took off those training wheels and invited us to delve thematically deeper in the presence of spirit and tease out our cosmic consciousness with more targeted astrological consideration. We still sat with a monthly forecasted anchoring but were blessed with the ability to connect that knowledge with the wisdom of lunar cycles.

The past three years brought compounding iterations of intentionally bringing spirit into our lives. In 2022, this collective year of balance in our new and rising normal, we endeavor not to be in the presence of spirit , but to EMBODY the presence of Spirit, that spark seeded within.

If you endeavor to walk each month, each day, each moment in embodied prayer and devotion, you are a kindred spirit and this exploration is for you. Mabrika.

Previously, this divinatory forecasting was conducted using oracle cards rooted in Indigenous thought; a shamanic approach to reconciling with Spirit while simultaneously embracing and challenging our humanity. This year we'll be engaging ancient virtues through the ecstatic concepts and embodiment of the Kabbalah (via Tarot of the Moors) and Sufi meditations (via The Sufi Book of Life)

If you're joining us for the first time this year, don't sweat! You're exactly where you're meant to be and all the monthly forecasts since Fall 2019 are available for public review and reflection in the M'Press Tarot & Ting Divine Garden. For our convenience I've also post a quick review of 2021 on our blog here and here.


Key Takeaway:

2022 is a 6 year. 6 is about allll the things. Fine-tuning your tings so they can stand alone AND fit together. When things work together for good with minimal effort, that's how you know you've successfully tapped into your divine flow, your organic balance. This year we prioritize the harmonization of mind, body, soul, self, tribe, and collective.


As a collective 6 year, we would be wise to focus on balancing our inner and outer existences, the individual with the collective. Remember the layers! Self, Family/Tribe, Neighborhood/Community, Greater Collective.

Organic balance emerges from who you are in all dimensions - The Mayan Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner

This is a fluid, reflective, and responsive balance. It is the first key step to true embodiment. The "who am I" of it all. Not in parts, but as a whole Self.

This year for a deeper more expansive anchoring I will be using Tarot of the Moors and Sufi Pathways. Tarot of the Moors includes astrological, elemental, Hebrew, and Kabbalist references which pair beautifully with Sufi theory and practice to provide anchors that have stood the tests of thousands of years and provide seamless connection points for the harmonious involvement of the mind, body, and soul.

May we have full-system, expansive experiences this year. Ase. Awei. Anjankatu. Jajom.

9 of Swords//Pathway 50, Ash- Shahid

9 of Swords - Lord of Despair and Cruelty

DON'T RUN! lol. All things are blessings. This does NOT mean 2022 will be terrible. The card literally says "You are not sleeping due to worry or anxiety, relief comes when you hear good news and let go of suspicion."

The key here is to see the genuine good in all news and to avoid projection. Not failing to see the blessing in every moment, beyond the surface. All things work for your good. All roads lead to home.

The keyword for this year? FAITH

Do you have it? In yourself, your loved ones, partners, and acquaintances, Spirit?

What does that faith look like when you are joyful, sad, worried, wrathful, pensive?

We are the sum total of all our thoughts and actions. Who are you across experiences? What does it feel like across experiences?

When the ground shifts beneath or around you do you fall? What does it take to get back up?

Despair is a trap, how do you stay free? 2020 was a doozy and 2021 didn't bounce us back to "normal". By now we KNOW we all must design new baselines both in our personal lives and as a society. What are your new energetic baselines and boundaries? Take full advantage of this opportunity to break free of any previous conditioning and truly honor who you are and desire to be. * cue Speak by Jhene Aiko *

In the realm of tarot, Swords bring elemental Air energy. How do you conceptualize things? Perception is reality. What lens do you which to realize your life through?

AFFIRM: Perception is reality so I hone my point of view accordingly in order to shape my conscious experience - MT&T

Astrological Aspect: MARS IN GEMINI

Think of what an infusion of air does to fire. ENERGY! Air feeds fire. Make sure this year you are directing your energy wisely and intentionally; knowing when/what to feed and to "starve".

Fire changes direction at even the smallest breeze when the conditions are right. Face changes and shifts as an embodied flame AND allow yourself the autonomy of being the breeze -- or gust, of wind.

Air also inspires fire to dance; fluidity is your friend! Don't shy away from the unfamiliar, we are setting and embracing new baselines this year. You are a different you with each new day. Give yourself the freedom to change and expand.

Stay engaged energetically to keep anxiety at bay. There's less to be anxious about when you're in the game instead of on the sidelines.

Kabbalist Aspect: YESOD IN YETZIRAH

Yesod- foundation that unites heaven and earth like a tether, allowing for movement from one thing or condition to another

Yetzirah- the world of form

Organic balance is the embodied harmonization of your divine Essence Self and your physical, human Self.

What is your tether?

What is the basis of your faith?

What drives you toward your sense of purpose?

What is the nature of the gateway you pass through each time you pray, commune, recenter. etc.?

Pathway 50| ASH-SHAHID, Experiencing a Universe of Unity

Speak and act from your experience of the Reality shared by all things.

You(as Self)+You(in tribe/family)+You(in community)+You(in wider collective) = EMBODIED YOU

These can be seen and experienced as separate selves just as the tribe, community, collective, and individual can be separate. For the Sufi, and any seeker of embodied completion, there comes a moment, and experienced, where the "ands" fall away. There is no "we", "I", "you"; there just is. To the Maya this concept is "in lak'ech", " you are anther myself". The Sufis teach that all parts serve a purpose but united presence serves the highest truth.

Life calls each of us to experience life at the center of a dynamic, interconnected, changing cosmos; to publicly share an experience of this unity with others. Ash-Shahid, Sufi Book of Life

Ash-Shahid as a pathway helps train your inner Self for this experience. When you feel lost, confused, rest here. Allow your higher consciousness to provide clarity and recalibration to the One, to All That Is.

The traditional translation of Ash-Shahid is "the witness". Not just in observance, but in experience. Faith, Oneness, Embodiment, these are experiences. They can only be truly witnessed in action.

Ash-Shahid meditation:

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and center yourself in your heart space. With eyes open, breathe into and through your heart and feel that you are seeing through its "eyes". Make space for the possibility of seeing, feeling, and experiencing One Life behind all the various forms. Like all pathways, this experience cannot be forced or commanded, and yet we can practice and prepare ourselves for its unveiling through us at the right moment.

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