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2021- In Review (Jul-Dec)

Blessings yall!

As we close out 2021 I want to be sure we are able to reflect on the energetic themes we experienced. As a reminder, I divined using the Earth Warriors Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild to focus our attention on energetic themes for a greater embodiment of Self during this collective 5 year.

**For a more detailed account of each month visit the Divine Garden:


32 Pacha Karmaq - Nourishment of the Soul

ESSENTIAL QUALITIES: Core purpose, CENTERing Foundation, Accepting the divine purpose of humanity

Regardless of personal beliefs 2020 was a year of Self-determination. Each of us took a long hard look at our lives and drew conclusions around what fulfilled us, and what missed the mark. 2021 is a year of reckoning. This year we unveil and dig into the embodied foundation of the new normal. Here is where we walk all that talk we been talking since 2016/2017.

Humanity is granted the gifts of fertility, creativity, and the earthly abundance necessary to foster and maintain a healthy and powerful mind, body, and soul. We must give ourselves permission to live to the full extent of our capacity.

“When you feed yourself what truly nourishes you, wisely and generously, you shall become equipped to feed the world what it truly hungers for.”

Pacha Karmaq is the Pre-Incan father of the world, gifter of agriculture (like Yocahu).

RECURRING ASPECT: Sacred rage toward neglect and the gift of deciding you’ve had enough of not having/getting enough. Nature knows how to regain homeostasis, listen to your body as you seek whole-system alignment.


14 Clan of the Wolf Heart - We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

The Clan of the Wolf Heart refers to "a soul tribe with boundaries beyond bloodlines and geography, united through wolf medicine and the heart."

Wolf medicine teaches us we all have our role and part to play in and for the collective. Part of embodying yourself is offering your gifts in fully divine balance.

Just as June reminded us that warriors protect, July reminds us that anger, sacred rage for that matter, can effectively steer us in clearer directions. Making room to process your anger honors your inner voice and keeps emotional and energetic channels free. In order for communities to grow and function in a healthy manner, there must be open communication amongst members to prevent resentment and distrust.

Loyalty includes, and requires, having faith and trust in your peers enough to treat conflict as the vehicle for growth, clarity, and honor it has so much potential to be. Harmonization takes many notes. Extension


30 Panthera - The Precious and Rare


"I ground myself with a daily practice of meditation and inspired action. Every day I take a clear, concrete, confident step toward the fulfillment of my destiny" - M'Press Tarot & Ting

"I open myself to be held by my lineage. by Sophia, as I receive more of myself today so I may be more of myself tomorrow." - M'Press Tarot & Ting

"I claim myself so I may claim all that is mine to experience by divine alignment and inheritance." - M'Press Tarot & Ting

"I walk boldly into Self following the oath spirit illuminates within me." - M'Press Tarot & Ting

"I unravel ______ and turn it into growth, strength, and peace." - M'Press Tarot & Ting

The anchoring of July reminded us how to honor ourselves and our communities. The seeds planted in those actions and clarifications bring the harvest of sources of encouragement just when you need it, intrinsically and otherwise.

The most integral aspect of marching to the beat of your own drum is to heed the nudges of your instinct and intuition. Trusting in yourself to conduct yourself with integrity will allow your virtue to grow and shift in divine alignment. Allow nothing to intimidate you into silence or inaction.

Attendance to and embodiment of these trusts are acts of sacred activism that begin in and with the Self and radiate out to unit, family, community, and collective. The Matses people of the Amazon, an Arawakan tribe known as the Jaguar People, believe the best way to contribute on each of these levels is to do what you do best by being exactly who you are and are meant to be. This simple task can be quite daunting in practice; this is where the Black Jaguar medicine of Panthera comes into play. The medicine is that of fearlessness, energetic healing, heart-centeredness, and shadow integration.

It is only with full presence and embodiment of the heart, mind, and spirit, that honor can be restored and upheld. Extension


20 Ch'aska - Star of Venus

September was a 5 month. The energy of this phase was like your "Great Leap"; a transition phase between who you understood yourself to be and who you began to emerge as, as an embodied being. Willingness to toss any part of your understanding of Self away in light of true discovery was necessary.

In Mayan cosmology they work a base 5 system, this is not a month you complete and just move on from, it was a prerequisite foundation for what was to come.

When reflecting on September, think of your experience embodying the fourfold nature of your increasingly embodied Self. What does it mean to be fourfold? 4 is the numerical expression of meaningful alignment the essence giving structure and form to all things. Through fourfoldness, we receive the blessing of discernment, organization, and discipline. Take the concept of centeredness and apply it to all aspects/realms of your being through the lens of fourfold awareness.

Believe in your ability to thrive by being and expressing your authentic self. Notice how you relax into flow and more easily attract what you need when you acknowledge that the Universe wants you to flourish through being you.

**This was actually a heavy month so you may just want to revisit the anchoring video in its entirety here


7 Lina - What Must Be, Shall Be

Develop and maintain a balance between your material goals and aspirations, and your spiritual/inner self. A divine, ORGANIC balance.

[ Organic: denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole, characterized by continuous, natural development

Balance: a condition in which elements are in correct proportions, a harmony of design and proportion ]

Accept full accountability for how you experience life. Meaning: your response to the fullness of your life.

A major component of rebalancing work is to REFRAIN FROM JUDGING YOURSELF. It is what it is and it shall be what it shall be.

REMEMBER: Your dreams and ambitions are expressions of your soul. Your only real duty in each life is to discover your true self and live your life as who you are. I speak often about the way seeds are encoded with all the information necessary to see plants through each transformation stage until it is fully grown; even through to death. You are a growing sapling. From the time your organs begin to form in utero, you’ve had consciousness (there are studies that show the body, through muscles and organs, retain and share information. Just as the brain learns, so do our other organs). Your destiny has been with you always and your body will guide you in the fulfillment of it if you’d only allow yourself to follow your own lead. When we ground within our centers, we return to our greatest truth, we align to our internal compass; the part of us that always remembers. Faith = Belief + Trust. Extension


15 Ajna Durga - Power of the Good

*Notice the butterfly AND moth present. Both are extremely delicate but surprisingly hearty. The butterfly is a symbol of the cyclical transitioning of personal growth and the moth an ancestral representative*

This was an 11/7 month. We LOVE when these numbers appear together. The inner/outer harmonization is delicious every time.

As we head into the winter season, it is natural to find yourself talking stock and making adjustments. Winter is a phase where energy must be used wisely when spent and generated effectively in rest and recuperation. Alignment, attunement, requires clarifying refinement as well as manifestation.

A quote from the overall 2021 message: “2021 is a year of reckoning. Nature knows how to regain homeostasis, listen to your body as you seek whole-system alignment. This includes sacred rage toward neglect and the gift of deciding you’ve had enough of not having/getting enough.”

To tap into and benefit from Ajna Durga and the power of good, you must believe you deserve and are capable of sustaining good things. Durga is the Sanskrit word for “fort”, a place that is protected in battle and unable to be overcome. In Hindu cosmology, she is the solar mother who restores order and protects the human soul by destroying impurities.

Welcoming and acknowledging this energy in your life as a constant and ongoing necessity protects you from falling victim to unnecessary confusion and self-doubt. You realize that the experience is a spiritual one, not just psychological, taking pressure off of yourself and sharing the load.

Similar to Durga in this energy and purpose are; her daughter Kali, the Black Madonna, Santa Muerte, Mary Magdalene, Teotihuacan, and Oshun. I advise you to research those in your cosmology to find who is most aligned to you for this aligned purpose if you don’t feel comfortable engaging Durga. Extension


37 Diamond Tiger of the Black Moon - Second Chances Bring Success

“Regardless of what happened yesterday or last week or a few months back or even years ago, today is today and you get to try again. You get to try again in every moment, actually. Even if you got angry and were unkind. Or if you felt anxious and lost your center. This moment is this moment and you get to try again. As long as you have breath, you get to try again.” - Shay Retrograde

Believe in yourself, there is great dignity and strength in your heart.

The past is built the same way the future is, one step in front of the other, one lesson feeding into another. So long as you have breath you can choose a different approach, you can try again.

We don’t judge an apple based on the sapling the tree once was. The fruit is the fruit and it falls from the tree that is the tree. Do not judge yourself or anyone else based on what they are growing or have grown through. What goes up must eventually come down and what falls may once more rise.

If you are a true believer in divine alignment and timing you must remind yourself that there is blessing in the valley. It is okay to be seen in the thick of it so long as you don’t allow the gaze to pull you under and trap you there. “If you interpret your life experiences through the filter of old beliefs and past happenings, you will lose the truth of what is taking place at a deeper level. The past was needed to get you here, reformed, reborn, renewed, but it is no longer to be seen as something that defines you.” The tiger medicine aspect is a reminder to REST. It is through active rest that recalibration best occurs. Through slowing down you are able to direct your energies more decisively and with greater deliberation. This shifts your mindset and calms your system on multiple levels. Use this moment to correct any thought patterns that disconnect you from the truth of who you are and what you are here for. Extension

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