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2021- In Review (Jan-Jun)

Blessings yall!

As we close out 2021 I want to be sure we are able to reflect on the energetic themes we experienced. As a reminder, I divined using the Earth Warriors Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild to focus our attention on energetic themes for a greater embodiment of Self during this collective 5 year.

**For a more detailed account of each month visit the Divine Garden:


32 Pacha Karmaq - Nourishment of the Soul

ESSENTIAL QUALITIES: Core purpose, CENTERing Foundation, Accepting the divine purpose of humanity

Regardless of personal beliefs 2020 was a year of Self-determination. Each of us took a long hard look at our lives and drew conclusions around what fulfilled us, and what missed the mark. 2021 is a year of reckoning. This year we unveil and dig into the embodied foundation of the new normal. Here is where we walk all that talk we been talking since 2016/2017.

Humanity is granted the gifts of fertility, creativity, and the earthly abundance necessary to foster and maintain a healthy and powerful mind, body, and soul. We must give ourselves permission to live to the full extent of our capacity.

“When you feed yourself what truly nourishes you, wisely and generously, you shall become equipped to feed the world what it truly hungers for.”

Pacha Karmaq is the Pre-Incan father of the world, gifter of agriculture (like Yocahu).

RECURRING ASPECT: Sacred rage toward neglect and the gift of deciding you’ve had enough of not having/getting enough. Nature knows how to regain homeostasis, listen to your body as you seek whole-system alignment.


4 Goddess of Teotihuacan - She Guards the Waters of Life

There may be tension heading into this calendar year. Know that the ancient guardian mother watches over.

Seek and seed alternatives to mainstream consciousness.

Ground yourself in Universal Law for divine anchoring as societal structure shifts around us; like the waters of life, they are constant.

Give yourself chances for spiritual, psychological, and emotional cleansing and recalibration.

Your refusals are SACRED.

Great support through the concepts of Universal Law: View IGTV video: 8OC Akbal, Universal Law, and Praxis


35 Mama Quilla - Mandala of the Moon

February was a 7 month. This is the number of completion; wholeness, on a spiritual level. It is the vibration of your inherent power made manifest for your greatest alignment. It encompasses the range that comes with not only knowing oneself when steady. but also in times of transition and knowing how best to govern oneself accordingly. Enter the moon <3

Mama Quilla is a lunar deity of the Inca. It is through her that Incan peoples connected to the energy of Mama Luna for guidance and protection. She is a messenger of fortitude and integrity, reminding us of the transformative cycles Sophia has created us in connection to. As we each walk our own unique spiral path through existence, there will be situations and energies we revisit for one reason or another. Reflect as well as make note of your experiences and revelations this month to reflect on later. Things WILL come back around.

*Elaboration on this month can be found here


24 Pueo - Guardians of Aumakua

March was an 8 month bearing a forecast with a 6 vibration. As this year was focused on nourishing the soul, we receive 8 as the infinity expressed through the Spiral Path. All that once was shall again come to be and all that shall come has already been. This is a natural fact and experience of life but is also expressed by the African concept of Sankofa meaning, “go back and get it”. This also extended upon the reflective nature of last month's message from Mama Quilla. 6 is the numerical vibration of balance. Pueo calls on us to achieve that balance through honoring the memories and wisdom of our elevated ancestors, especially when communicated via animal guides. Pueo works to guide and protect us through spiritual warfare both seen and unseen and the many ways spiritual battles manifest in our lives. The key: Honor that which you hold sacred regardless of outside opinion and know faithfulness is returned unto you.

Extension here


28 Q'ente - Sweer Paradox of Empowering Grace

April was a 9 month, the vibration of greater cycles. In the energy of this year, this meant a time for evaluation. The moment where all you’ve learned for a particular time is tested. You’re able to gauge what you understand and do well, and more importantly, what remains to be learned and improved upon.

Faith is for trying times, it is no fairweather friend. With faith and allowing for grace, we may truly be steadfast along any path (especially our own).

We expect Spirit to aid us, but we also in part expect the road to be hard, full of trial and tribulation. Does that sound like the sort of relief Spirit would bring?

If you answered yes to that, you are faced with a challenge of true belief. True belief results in a soul that wholeheartedly believes they are not only worthy of but in complete alignment with the destiny promised.

Hummingbird medicine empowers the soul for success in the most unlikely situation. This medicine is the gift that keeps on giving as it naturally sparks evolution. Allowing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to thrive, to reign as they desire allows this medicine to truly treat your soul. Fuller message:


40 Hi'aka -Sorceress of Light

AFFIRM: “I am protected by the same everlasting joy that crowns me.”

AFFIRM: “My superpower is divine alignment.”

Hi’Aka reminds us that our commitment to joyful levity can be our strongest weapon against that which would see us fall.

A joyful being is a complete being. Those who have it “all” know they simultaneously have nothing to lose. Joy makes sovereign Kings out of paupers. Have joy because you were not fearfully made, you were made with love and intention in the image of the creator themself with a unique destiny and the capacity necessary to fulfill it. There is no risk in alignment, no matter how lofty or far-fetched it may at times seem.

What would this world be if there was no precipitation to follow condensation? Our rivers would run dry, the beauty of our forests would shrivel and die.

When was the last time you danced in the rain? When was the last time you were the rain? This month be the flower and the rain that feeds it. Be the rainfall and the river that swells.

In May we were to familiarize ourselves with the art of finesse.

Finesse: intricate and refined delicacy; deliberate delicacy; artfully, subtly, and skillfully handling a situation. Fuller


26 Amaroo - The Beautiful Place

This was an 11month. According to the Maya, 11 carries the vibration of dissonance and is characterized by the energy of discernment. It is the energy of radical awareness and acceptance. To accept your truth so thoroughly. That you would destroy any aspect of you that contradicts it. It is necessary to remind ourselves that cleansing and clarification are key to growth and manifestation.

In order to birth the Beautiful Place of your heart’s desire, you must first cultivate the space (internally and otherwise) it will inhabit.

An elder of mine recently told me, “In many traditions, a warrior is no one who fights, they are one who protects.” Earth warriors remind us that peace is not passive.

Warriors don’t hide and tell themselves they’re “moving in silence,” they boldly walk even in stealth. They stand firm, shield in hand. They support their kin and leave none behind. They don't conquer their way into “peace” and prosperity, they defend what they have and encourage others to do and foster the same. Extended

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