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M'Press [Birthwork] & Ting

M’Press Tarot & Ting is a spiritually based business offering a diverse collection of holistic growth and wellness aids and experiences rooted in Afro-indigenous practices of elemental and energetic anchoring for whole system embodiment. Full-spectrum birthwork services are an extension of that purpose.

As an Afroindigenous Birth Worker, it is my pledge to join my community in the fight against Black Birthing Injustice by:

  • Increasing health equity by prioritizing birthing communities commonly underserved

    • Black, Indigenous, and other birthing people of color

    • Teen parents who are Black, Indigenous, and other birthing people of color

    • Polyamorous family units

    • Birthing trans* folx

    • Same-sex or Gender Non-Conforming families with surrogates or adopting 

  • Empowering birthing people and their families to make the best, most informed decisions about their conception, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum experiences.

  • Offering prenatal education that supports fertility, nutrition, and whole-Self wellness 

  • Offering comprehensive reproductive education to our youth 



Birth Planning

A birth plan is a document of preferences and backup agreements in writing that can be disseminated to care providers as express notice of a client’s consent. A birth plan allows the client to retain autonomy and ownership of their care experience even in case of emergency and is central to the reduction of mortality rates for birthing people. 


Obstetrician Visit Prep and Support

 Appointments with your obstetric team can be daunting or feel like a whirlwind. I will be available prior to doctor's visits to help clientele formulate their inquiries and requests so they are confident communicating with their providers. I will also be available for debriefing after each appointment to help process whatever your doctor has shared with you in order to limit anxiety/stress and increase confidence and understanding.


Village Training

Designed to prepare the birth parent and their support team for the realities of birthing and rearing a child. We are of the core belief that “it takes a village to raise a child”, not just for the benefit of the child, but their parents and community as well. Village training includes preparing chosen members to support the birthing parent through labor, delivery, and the postpartum period through fostering self-awareness and boundary setting, practice with effective communication, and bonding exercises.


Labor Support

*Only available in the Guadalajara area *

Physical, mental, and emotional (and possibly spiritual) support for birth parent and their partner during childbirth. Doula-provided labor support is known to reduce the length of labor, lower the rate of medical interventions, improve bonding post-birth for the family unit, and make recovery from labor more manageable.


Baby Natal Charting

Baby’s astrological information on a chart with foundational explanations of planetary placements.


Informed Consent & Childbirth Education 

Every birth parent's right to informed consent and how to advocate for oneself with care providers to ensure that right. Childbirth education will cover the “informed” part, providing clients with the information they need to feel competent and prepared for decision making. Includes the guided study of the pregnancy thru postpartum experience, homework, familiarization with various resources, fostering self-awareness and boundary setting, practice with effective communication, and bonding exercises. 


Holistic Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is the act or process of being nourished. This offering includes education and coaching around adopting nutritious dietary, mental, and emotional practices for wellness during pregnancy, birth, lactation, and postpartum. We will work together to enhance your established practices.


Pre/post Natal Reiki

Studies show the energetic, mental, and emotional health of a birthing person and their environment has an immediate and enduring impact on the flow of birth and their child’s wellness and development. Energetic balancing via reiki can be safely performed on birthing parent and their birth and/or recovery environment before and after delivery.


Postpartum Support

Postpartum support visits for the first three months after birth. These visits will focus on mental, emotional, and energetic recovery, basic breastfeeding support, wellness appointment support, infant care assistance, and light errands or housework. 

** This offering is available virtually for those outside of the Guadalajara area


Bundle Packages

Curated full-spectrum, postpartum, labor, and surrogacy support packages will be offered with intentional tiers and sliding scale arrangements available for those in need. Clients will also be able to design their own packages a la carte.

Special considerations for Black, Indigenous, and Birthing peoples of color, LGBTQ+ family units, polyamorous family units, and single or teen parents.

I desire to fulfill the aspect of my destiny expressed through birthwork so that I may:

  • Live life in honor and observance of my walk with Atabey, Ixchel, and more

  • Be of support and assistance to people looking to coparent with someone who is not their spouse or romantic partner by ensuring they have the courage and ability to understand  their needs and desires

  • Provide postpartum support that centers the birthing person while keeping infant development and wellness in mind

  • Offer pre and postnatal support to nonstandard families that is affirming of their identities

  • Have a birth center or pregnancy support aspect to the holistic community center I will one day create

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